Class 2 - Week 3 - Reference Videos

There are many ways to download reference from the web, from
external websites to software, but the easiest way I've found is to
use the Video-DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox. It's compatible with
all operating systems and is extremely easy to use. Just browse to a
video you want to download and the add-on will scan the page and
provide you the links. Even if you don't use Firefox as your main
browser, I would highly recommend using it simply to download
Video Download Helper

However, if you don't like using Firefox, there are a few other ways
of downloading videos, but they don't have the ease of the previous
method. One of the most popular ones is using the website KeepVid.
All you need is to copy and paste the video link into Keepvid and it
provides you with the links to download. It's also free as long as
you don't download the desktop software.

You could also try Orbit Downloader but that requires
installing software and is Windows only.

When downloading reference, try to download .mp4 versions over the
.flv versions to be compatible with QuickTime. If all you can find
is a .flv version though, you can use the free program Handbrake to
convert them into compatible file types.

But what if the reference you want is from a DVD? You could always
try to find it online. But sometimes you just can't find a specific
clip on YouTube, or any other website. This is where ripping a dvd
can come in handy. Here are a couple of guides on how you can go
about getting your movie reference onto your computer.

How to Rip DVDs to Your Computer
How to Rip DVDs with Handbrake

This is also a great way to analyze your movies frame by frame as
you'll be able to open it in QuickTime.Please remember, these tips
are not to encourage piracy and should only be used on your own
discs. We will all be entering into this industry, so why would we
want to steal from it?

I hope that helps and if you have any preferred methods please share them in the forums.
Good luck in week 3!


  1. Nice idea to change the content to an outside link. I enjoy it. Thanks! =D

  2. Thanks, Beau. I much prefer having your tips on an external site. That way it is much easier to find later, and will not go away at the end of the term.

  3. yup agree with everyone.. im copying all the tips and putting in my google docs to share later.