Maya Hotkeys

I thought I'd share some of the Maya hotkeys that I use the most while animating. I've found they've helped improve my work speed quite a bit once I got into the habit of using them.

- Shrinks the manipulator.
= Enlarges the manipulator.

Alt + arrow keys Moves selected object one pixel in relation to the camera. Great for subtle shifts.

W + Left Click hold Brings up a hotbox with different Translation settings.
E + Left Click hold Brings up a hotbox with different Rotation settings.
R + Left Click hold Brings up a hotbox with different Scale settings.

S Set keys on all channels.
Shift + W Set keys on Translate channels only.
Shift + E Set keys on Rotate channels only.
Shift + R Set keys on Scale channels only.
I + Middle Mouse click Insert keys in the graph editor. This works great as it tweaks the tangents automatically to fit with the current curves.

. Jump to the next key.
, Jump to the previous key.
Alt + . Move forward one frame.
Alt + , Move back one frame.
K + Middle Mouse drag Scrubs through the timeline using the mouse.

Y Re-use the last tool.
G Repeat the last command. Very useful when you need to repeat a common operation, such as constraining.

A Frames everything in the viewport or graph editor.
F Frames the selected object in the viewport or graph editor.

Ctrl + A Switches between the Attribute Editor and the Channel Box.

1 Sets the current object to Low Quality.
2 Sets the current object to Medium Quality.
3 Sets the current object to High Quality.

4 Turns on Wireframe mode in the viewport.
5 Turns on Shaded mode in the viewport.
6 Turns on Textures in the viewport.
7 Turns on Lights in the viewport. If there are no lights in the scene, this mode can be extremely useful for viewing the silhouette of a pose or of an entire animation. Just be sure to hide the background or else everything will come up pitch black.

[ Undo the previous camera move.
] Redo the last camera move.

Z Undo. The mightiest of all shortcuts!

If you have any hotkeys that you find useful, whether they are default shortcuts or custom made, feel free to add them in the comments below! Also, if you'd like a complete list of Maya hotkeys, follow this link: Maya Hotkeys

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